Who is david conrad dating 2016

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Kings of inland empires and their wastrel children walking down a fake main street. 91 Miles Out of the knock-off frying pan and into a luke warm fire. First time I take an on ramp onto the 101, onto a federal highway while riding a bicycle. I crest a brief hill and 3 llamas stare over a fence at this two wheeled alien. A kitten determined to run back and forth along the road. So I sit on the side of the road in 100 degree heat corralling this grey ball of fury, and wait for someone official to come by. Equally convincing as a leading man or a supporting player, Conrad remained a reliable performer in a wide array of television and film projects.

And oh the Cow Palace....ghosts of Aerosmith and semi pro teams and rodeos long gone. My cousin's kid named after my dead brother actually looking and acting a little like my dead brother.

Two thousand plus little mortal engines in lycra rarring to go. Half Moon bay, astounding coastal views not 30 miles from the Presidio, kids on fixed wheel bikes climbing by me like stormtroopers, and the forests of the penninsula on the ocean side. I remember a little farm town in a gulley with an old railroad station now a home hiding behind the trees, rails themselves long gone. Threatening the health of all those who can't sleep.

Three snoring neighbors, oblivious in their chipper morning greetings, I stare at their wives thinking How the Hell haven't you MURDERED that guy? When will we get around to suing people who snore in public?

Adoption sure to happen the woman at the desk told me. She smiled quizzically at this lycra clad oddball in her clinic. " "I've been calling her Gonzalez" ....."Maybe we'll call her Soledad." There have been a few times in my life I've met someone I knew I was supposed to meet.

So after killing fleas for an hour and denuding my feline friend of some of the hair below her shoulders, I stuff her in my jersey and set off for the office. I looked down once when she was still, and there was a tiny kitten head, fur brushed back by the breeze, upside down and, if she could be, smiling. I met a kitten with blue grey fur and white boots on every paw on a country road in California. The type A, making, charging, changing the world types striding at you from every angle just to go brush their teeth. I don't remember sleeping but I do remember a dream.

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