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A volatile function will be recalculated whenever calculation occurs in any cells on the worksheet. Non-volatile functions are only recalculated when any of the function's arguments change. Let's take a look at an easy example to explain this a bit more. Open the Visual Basic Editor and click Insert, Module. Now you can use this function, just like any other Excel function. I created Call checks by recording a macro and then double clicking in cells where my formula was.Which gave me this I was hoping I could simply add something to the button fill even that Calculates the sheet and Custom made functions.Let me sum up some things you may want to check out, all listed in the article above: Function Lastrow CC(Selected Range As Range) As Long Application. In your example, you can send it any single cell and it will return the last row of that same column. Volatile Dim Selected Column Num As Long Selected Column Num = Selected Range. But you're looking outside of that single cell so Excel doesn't know that the whole column should be in the calculation tree. But since the whole column is in the argument, any changes in the column trigger a recalc.

I am attemptinf to write (my first) custom function that will essentially loop through a report to sum the costs of a machine over the next 1, 3, 6 months(etc) The function returns values, however, these values are incorrect, and more problematically double on a cell that contains the custom function changes the values of the surrounding cells that use the custom function. I was trying to put to much in the UDF, and really trying to use a function when i really needed a macro.

I am using a simple button command to fill the color so there is no mistake on which customer is caculated.

I added Call Checks as it was only thing I could do to get it the formula to work, but if I move anything on sheet it stops working.

Row End Function The key to making a function work within Excel's calculation tree and not be volatile is to include everything you need in the arguments to the function.

In this rewrite, the function only accepts single, whole column arguments.

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