Twins that hugh hefner is dating

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His set is the Playboy mansion in Los Angeles — an invitation-only adult Romper Room, where we find Hef sitting in the library in his second skin of a red smoking jacket and black silk pajamas.

The Playboy mogul was out at a book signing at the Book Soup in West Hollywood, California to promote his new book “Mr.There was his joyful leap into bachelordom after the breakup of his first marriage, to Millie Gunn; the festivities that followed the end of his relationship with Barbi Benton, in 1976; and then, in true Playboy fashion, getting back in the game after his stroke. Does it make it complicated when, on top of all that, you have your ex-wife [Conrad] living in a house next door?The difference this time is that he is older and everyone else is a half-century younger. I suppose from the outside it looks like it ought to be complicated, but it isn't. How would you feel if Kimberley started dating twin brothers? But, actually, I think the fact that I am seeing three ladies rather than one probably does make it easier for her.To others, he's a visionary workaholic and a lucky womanizer.And to some, he's just an old man still chasing tail.

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