Alexandra holden married or dating

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Their bad luck continues, as mishap after mishap occurs, namely Ross finds out just after they meet that Rachel is pregnant with his baby.

Ross was generally characterized as impulsive throughout the majority of his relationships, but with Mona, he tries to take thing more slowly.

In the pilot episode, Carol reveals that she is pregnant with Ross’s child, but will rais the baby with her partner, Susan.

Ross and Carol eventually manage to have a cordial relationship, co-parenting their son Ben throughout the 10 seasons of the show, though past 2001, Jane stopped making appearances.

Though Charlie and Joey date for several episodes, it becomes clear that Charlie and Joey live in different worlds, despite him memorizing a bunch of facts to try and impress her.

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Despite never having shared her feelings for Ross, seeing him with Julie stirs up a lot of jealously in Rachel, especially when Monica and Julie become friends.

They were doomed from the start due to Rachel’s pregnancy.

Though Mona tried to be supportive of Ross’s new baby, ultimately it was too complicated for her.

They almost kiss at the New Years Eve party she invited the gang to in order to be back up dancers, but the pair ends up having to wait until they return to their apartment.

Joey eventually dumps Janine after she reveals that she can’t stand Chandler and Monica, which Joey can’t accept.

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